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  • – where I started my article initially, but now everthing lives here
  • I am quite excited.
  • The download URLs are using https.
  • My Synology DiskStation's wget (or was it IPKG's?!?) can not download an https URL.
  • So I had to download the ISO images somewhere else and move the downloaded files around a little.
  • Do the sha256 check-summing!
  • Amongst VirtualBox's menu for possible Linuxes I preferred to choose opensuse-64 over "other Linux 64".
  • Add the 2nd ISO image to the VM storage set-up from the beginning!
  • Also add the VirtualBox guest additions from the beginning!
  • Set the network adapter to bridged mode
  • The SLES installation boots using the "openSUSE boot loader", that confused me, but then it's alright.
  • The installation of "VirtualBox guest additions" requires kernel sources, install them!
  • Change the hostname within the network set-up!
  • On your router: assign a static IP address to this VM!
  • Mount the (virtual) CD with the "VirtualBox guest additions"!
  • Run the "*.run" script from that CD!
  • If loading the modules ("vbox*") fails, find them yourself beneath /lib/modules, and "insmod" them!
  • Restart the X-Window session!
  • Now you got a much larger X-Window screen (VirtualBox application window)!
  • Register your SLES! (this is where I am stuck right now (2015-01-09)) – no registration, no online-update access, esp. not for during the evaluation period