Downton Abbey season 1

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Season 1[edit]

Episode #1.1 (2011)[edit]

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes:

Mr. Carson: I can't stand by and watch our family threatened with the loss of all they hold dear.
Mrs. Hughes: They're not our family.
Mr. Carson: Well, they're all the family I've got! I beg your pardon.

Episode #1.2 (2011)[edit]

Episode #1.3 (2011)[edit]

Episode #1.4 (2011)[edit]

Lady Sybil Crawley and Tom Branson:

Lady Sybil Crawley: It seems rather unlikely, a revolutionary chauffeur.
Tom Branson: Maybe. But I'm a socialist, not a revolutionary. And I won't always be a chauffeur.

Episode #1.5 (2011)[edit]

Episode #1.6 (2011)[edit]

Episode #1.7 (2011)[edit]