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Season 4[edit]

Episode #4.1 (2013)[edit]

Episode #4.2 (2013)[edit]

Violet and Robert:

Violet: I don't understand you.
Violet: Of course you must give it to her.
Robert: But what if it has no legal status? I don't want to build her hopes up only to have them dashed.
Violet: Robert, Matthew intended Mary to be his sole heiress.
Violet: That will mean a great deal to her whether or not it's legal.
Violet: Can't you see that?
Robert: But is it right to exclude George?
Violet: Well, right or not, it is what he wanted.
Violet: Besides, it's not up to you.
Robert: I'll send it to Murray.
Violet: Well, Mary must read it before you send it anywhere.
Violet: Or are you trying to hide from the truth?
Robert: What truth?
Violet: That you would prefer to be in sole charge of the estate and not share the crown with Mary.
Robert: Don't be silly.
Robert: This won't make any difference to all that.
Robert: She won't want to get involved.
Violet: When you talk like that, I'm tempted to ring for Nanny and have you put to bed with no supper.

Spratt, Tom, Violet, Mary:

Spratt: Mr Branson, Your ladyship.
Tom: Sorry if I'm late.
Tom: I had to call on old Fairclough at Roundhills.
Violet: You're not at all late.
Violet: Now I asked Branson to come here because I have an idea.
Mary: Granny, you must call him Tom.
Violet: I thought I could call him Branson again now that he's the agent.
Mary: Well, you can't.
Tom: I don't mind.
Violet: No.
Violet: I see I'm beaten but, oh, how I sympathise with King Canute.
Mary: Now what is this idea?
Violet: Well, Mary, either YOU or your baby son own half of Downton.
Violet: I want you to have a say in the running of it.
Violet: It's just what you need.
Mary: But didn't last night's dinner disabuse you of that scheme?
Violet: Well, that's the point.
Violet: I want …er Tom.
Violet: TOM to be your instructor.
Tom: What?
Violet: Well, take Mary, you know, on your rounds.
Violet: Let her learn the farmers' difficulties.
Violet: Mmm.
Violet: Explain the crops and the live, the livestock.
Violet: You know, let her see the problems facing the estate.
Mary: And are we to do all this without telling Papa? Isn't that rather underhand?
Violet: There can be too much truth in any relationship.

Michael Gregson and Edith:

Michael Gregson: I can't persuade you to stay?
Edith: But, I will say this, it's getting harder and harder to say no.

Mr Carson, Jimmy, Mrs Patmore, Mrs Hughes:

Mr Carson: Take her to the theatre?
Jimmy: It is my half day.
Mr Carson: But not hers and how do we know she'd want to go.
Mrs Patmore: She'll want to go.
Mrs Hughes: She could change her half day.
Mr Carson: Oh, I don't know.
Mr Carson: It's turning into Liberty Hall round here.
Mr Carson: Are we entertaining that night?
Mrs Patmore: I'm not cooking.
Mrs Patmore: They'll all be dining with Lady Lawson at Brough Hall.
Mr Carson: Very well but no lingering.
Mrs Patmore: You can go and give her the good news.
Jimmy: Thank you, Mr Carson.
Mrs Patmore: I hope he doesn't break her heart.
Mrs Hughes: We must all have our hearts broken once or twice before we're done.
Mrs Patmore: True enough, Mrs Hughes.
Mr Carson: Strange to think the theatre was part of my life at one time.
Mrs Hughes: Yours and Mr Griggs'.
Mrs Hughes: You know he's going to work in Belfast?
Mr Carson: I had heard.
Mrs Hughes: He's leaving the village in the morning.
Mrs Hughes: The 11 o'clock train.
Mr Carson: What's that to me?
Mrs Hughes: I'll tell you what it is.
Mrs Hughes: It's an open wound.
Mrs Hughes: I don't know why but I do know this: You'd do better to stitch it up and let it heal.

Mrs Patmore to Daisy:

Mrs Patmore: Nothing's as changeable as a young man's heart.
Mrs Patmore: Take hope and a warning from that.

Jimmy and Rose:

Jimmy: What the …
Rose: Say nothing and I'll be your friend forever.

Episode #4.3 (2013)[edit]

Lord Gillingham, Mary, Violet:

Lord Gillingham: What about it?
Mary: I thought I'd keep Granny company.
Violet: Don't use me as an excuse.
Violet: If you don't want to dance, tell him.

???, Tom, Cora, Mr Carson, Isobel, Violet, Robert:

???: Do you know Isabella Moncrieffe?
Tom: No.
???: She's blown up like a balloon!
Cora: She's in her room? How long has she been there?
Mr Carson: Her maid took her some tea when she arrived
Cora: What?
Mr Carson: I'm about to send up dinner.
Isobel: Doesn't she want to eat with us?
Mr Carson: I didn't think it appropriate, ma'am, and his lordship agreed with me.
Isobel: I can't believe my ears.
Cora: Robert? A world-famous singer is in our house, a great artist honoured by the King, but you felt it beneath your dignity to eat with her?
Robert: I don't recall
Cora: Am I the only member of this family who lives in the twentieth century? What room is she in?
Mr Carson: Princess Amelia, m'lady.
Cora: You will have her next to you at dinner and you will like it!
Robert: But what do I say to her? What does one say to a singer? (Towards Mr Carson) I blame you!

Episode #4.4 (2013)[edit]

Cora and Mary:

Cora: Will you meet Tony Gillingham while you're there? I don't think so.
Mary: Why should I?
Cora: Just thought you might.
Mary: Don't be transparent, Mama.
Mary: It doesn't suit you.

Episode #4.5 (2013)[edit]

Mary, Robert, Violet, Cora, Isobel, Tom:

Mary: You might've talked it over with us before you made up your mind.
Robert: But I haven't.
Robert: I told him we'd think about it.
Robert: That's all.
Mary: Sounds to me as if you've come to a decision.
Robert: If we don't respect the past, it'll be harder to build our future.
Violet: Where did you read that?
Robert: I made it up.
Robert: I thought it was rather good.
Violet: It's too good.
Violet: One thing we don't want is a poet in the family (!)
Isobel: Would it be so bad?
Violet: The only poet peer I am familiar with is Lord Byron.
Violet: And I presume you all know how that ended.
Cora: So, you'd let Mr Drewe stay on.
Robert: Since he wants to repay the debt, I think it only fair.
Robert: Besides, he talks of the partnership between the farmers and the family, and I like that.
Isobel: Well, I think it's splendid.
Violet: Says the queen of the rebels (!)
Isobel: Thank you.
Mary: And you agree, even though he has no right to renew the lease?
Cora: No right legally, no.
Cora: But we think he has a moral right.
Tom: It's a pity it should be Yew Tree.
Tom: It would've filled a hole in the land we farm.
Isobel: You've managed without it till now.
Mary: You haven't said what you think.
Mary: Which side are you on?
Tom: The farmer's, of course.
Tom: I've not abandoned all my socialism.
Tom: Even though it feels like it sometimes.
Robert: In this one and only instance, I am glad to hear it.
Mary: When will you tell him?
Robert: There's no tearing rush.
Robert: We've a day or two to talk it over.
Robert: And then you can tell him.

Episode #4.6 (2013)[edit]

Isobel, Violet:

Isobel: Aren't you going to say you're sorry?
Violet: Certainly not.
Violet: He may not have taken this, or he may have sneaked it into the maid's bucket when we weren't looking.
Isobel: How you hate to be wrong.
Violet: I wouldn't know.
Violet: I'm not familiar with the sensation.
Isobel: So you're determined to dig in your heels.
Violet: I am sorry.
Violet: But whether or not he took this, he certainly took the knife.
Violet: That is all I have to say on the subject.

Episode #4.7 (2013)[edit]

Episode #4.8 (2013)[edit]

Episode #4.9=christmas special (2013)[edit]