How to disable the Synology Multimedia Indexing Engine

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This article will guide users in how to disable the Synology Multimedia Indexing Engine. The reason why this engine is enabled is so when the administrator of a Synology Product would like to use a Multimedia Service, such as the Photo Station, or Audio Station, the files are ready for use, and ready to stream. However, for those users who are strictly needing the Synology Box for SMB and NFS access, and who wish to squeeze every single computing resource into those other services, disabling the indexing service is one method of improving performance.
Command Line Interface access is required for this modification
Please be sure to read the General Disclaimer before executing these modifications.

Please be aware of the following, disabling the Multimedia Index Engine will disable (or cause abnormal behavior) the following (but not limited to) services

  • Audio Station
  • Download Station
  • iTunes Media Streaming
  • PhotoStation + (Pictures, Video, Blog)
  • Surveillance Station
  • UPnP DMA Media Streaming
  • Xbox360/PS3 Media Streaming

To disable services[edit]

/usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ stop
/usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ stop

To prevent services from starting during boot[edit]

Add a "exit" in the second line of each file




Files may have to be placed outside of the media system folders (music, photo, video) to ensure that improved performance is received. Please also ensure that all other multimedia services are disabled on the Synology Box.