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DNF is a rewrite of yum, DNF replaced YUM as the default package manager in Fedora 22.


YUM allows for automatic updates and package and dependency management on RPM-based distributions. YUM works with software repositories (collections of packages), which can be accessed locally or over a network connection.

  • which package provides this file?
$ yum provides /path/to/your/file
  • which repo provides this package?
$ yum list available | fgrep PACKAGE
  • which repo is this this package installed from?
$ yum list installed | fgrep PACKAGE
$ yum remove PACKAGE
  • not only remove …, but also remove dependencies!
$ yum -y autoremove PACKAGE


$ yum install yum-utils


--plugins: enable YUM plugin support.

  • list the contents of PACKAGE -- PACKAGE is possibly not (yet) installed, i.e. only lives in the repo:
$ repoquery --query --list --plugins PACKAGE


  • which package provides FILE?
$ rpm --query --file FILE
  • list the contents of PACKAGE:
$ rpm --query PACKAGE
$ rpm --query --queryformat "[%{=NAME}-%{=VERSION}-%{=RELEASE}:\t%-50{FILENAMES} %10{FILESIZES}\n]" PACKAGE