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The Pragmatic Programmer[edit]

Yet another book on Clean Code.


Minimal Perl[edit]


97 Things Every Programmer Should Know[edit]

Yet another book on Clean Code.

#06: Be­fore You Refac­tor[edit]

  • The best ap­proach for re­struc­tur­ing starts by tak­ing stock of the ex­ist­ing code­base and the tests writ­ten against that code.
  • Avoid the temp­ta­tion to rewrite every­thing.
  • Many in­cre­men­tal changes are bet­ter than one mas­sive change.
  • After each de­vel­op­ment it­er­a­tion, it is im­por­tant to en­sure that the ex­ist­ing tests pass.
  • Per­sonal pref­er­ences and ego shouldn't get in the way.
  • New tech­nol­ogy is an in­suf­fi­cient rea­son to refac­tor.
  • Re­mem­ber that hu­mans make mis­takes.

#08: The Boy Scout Rule – by Robert C. Mar­tin (Uncle Bob)[edit]

criticism: doesn't that violate "never change a running software"?!!

#88: The Unix Tools Are Your Friends[edit]

  • mentions BusyBox and Cygwin

Data Science at the Command Line[edit]

running the Vagrant VM not just locally on some physical machine but …[edit]

  • I want to run the Vagrant VM on a strong physical machine attached to my LAN,
  • I want the VM to have an interface (VirtualBox: Bridged Adapter) and its own IP address on the LAN;
  • the VM's OS is ubuntu;
  • its hostname is data-science-toolbox;
  • I want to access the OS from another machine on my LAN, not just from the machine, that hosts the VM:
$ ssh vagrant@data-science-toolbox

If I start the Vagrant VM through its ordinary interface, Vagrant complains about a NAT rule of this names already existing.

But I am starting the VM from the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager – that way it works without complaint.

With a entry in $HOME/.ssh/config :

# from $HOME/.ssh/config :
Host data-science-toolbox
	User vagrant

… the ssh command line is even shorter:

$ ssh data-science-toolbox

installing the tools elsewhere[edit]

Appendix A lists the command-line tools together with their home pages.


Robert C Martin and The Clean Code[edit]

Yet another book on Clean Code.

books on Clean Code[edit]